5 Summer Home Improvement Tips

Try to think of your home like it was La Sagrada Familia – a church in Barcelona that remains unfinished after 130+ years of construction. Simply put, imagine that there’s always something to do related to home improvement tasks. The most accurate way to know what should be improved is to get outside and look at the home’s exterior. Whether it’s aging or damaged from the elements, here are 5 tips on what you can accomplish this summer.

Evaluate the Windows

If your windows are older or original to the home, it is prudent to evaluate the condition of the windows around your home. This is especially true for Midwesterners who are desperately trying to keep in as much of the A/C as possible. If you hear or feel a draft near your windows, it means that they are not functioning at full capacity. Look into new options like double-paned windows made with Low E and argon gas, and built with a re-enforced sash.

Replace the Siding

Summer storms can bring unforgiving winds that can easily damage a home’s exterior – especially the siding. If yours is cracked or dented, then you may need to replace it.  Siding has one simple job and that is to protect homes from outside threats. We’re talking about weather, mold, and pests. The best choices to make are vinyl siding and LP Smartside.

Declutter the Gutters

If there’s one thing you absolutely need to do sooner than later, it’s cleaning out your gutters. Fall, winter, and even spring have probably done a number on them that you can’t see without climbing up on a ladder. If your gutters are too small or pulling away from the fascia board,  consider a new gutter system or gutter protection.

Upgrade the Deck

Finding splinters in your feet is a sure sign of a worn-out deck. Over time, rain and other sources of water will damage its surface. Dec-Tec, a walk-able deck surface solution that’s textured, slip resistant, and waterproof, is a wonderful solution to this problem. There are three lines of applicator solutions including the Classic Line, Natural Line, and CoolStep Line. 

Repair the Roof

Storms, hail, and falling trees are just a few of the many reasons why you need to keep a close eye on your roof. There’s a chance that any one of these incidents results in a full replacement, but roofing repairs can make a real difference, too!

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