80 Grants to Celebrate 80 Years

Ferguson Roofing is proud to announce that we’re celebrating 80 years of business in St. Louis by distributing 80 grants to nonprofit organizations and trade school scholarships. It’s called our “80 in 80” charitable campaign and we’re ready to let everyone know about it!

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Special Olympics Golf Tournament

Early Beginnings

Our 80 in 80 program was born out of our love for service and St. Louis. We are privileged to serve our customers with their roofing and exterior needs for 80 years. Now it is time to feature, support, and give back to those who serve others in so many amazing ways.

Ronald McDonald House

Nomination Process

Ferguson Roofing and their employees are choosing 40 organizations. An additional 20 501C3 organizations are being picked through community application nominations. Lastly, 20 personal trade industry scholarships are being determined through application entries. The finalists chosen represent differences in mission, demographics served, sector represented, organizational size, and the grant type needed (money, volunteers, resources/construction services).

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Leadbelt Racing

80 in 80 Recipients

So far, multiple organizations have been nominated to receive one of our 80 grants. Here is a list of all of the current 80 in 80 recipients and how we’ve worked with them over our many years of service. Our grants include anything from making donations and sponsoring events to creating long-lasting partnerships. We truly care for this community!

Next Steps

We will continue to announce our 80 in 80 recipients as the year goes on. Follow us on our social media channels to stay up-to-date!