Everything You Need to Do After a Storm Damages Your Roof

storm damage roof

A roll of thunder, a blinding bolt of lightning – you know a storm is on the way. As the weather begins to warm in St. Louis, storms become more common – which could wind up spelling trouble for your roof. One minute your roof is in tip-top shape, and the next, hail, high winds, or even fallen trees bring catastrophe, leaving you with a mess. Storm damage can give any homeowner a headache, but following these easy steps can help you get your roof back in action.

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Choosing the Best Material for a Flat Roof

Flat Roof

All roofs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types – including shingles, metal roofing, and flat roofs. Whether you are replacing a roof or building an extension to your home, you have options. Let’s hone in on flat roofs, as there are choices available depending on the structure. How do you choose the best one? Continue reading to learn more about flat roofs and what makes them worthy of your home.

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Essential Times When Tuckpointing Is Necessary

Damaged masonry needs repair old rooftop building exterior

When’s the last time you took a hard look at your home’s exterior for damages? A few areas like the windows and siding are easy to check, but what about masonry? Commonly located on the roof in the form of a chimney, deteriorating stonework is difficult to spot. The first thing to do is consider making repairs through tuckpointing. Unfamiliar with this term? Continue reading to learn more about tuckpointing and when it’s necessary.

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Vinyl Siding vs. LP SmartSide: Which Lasts Longer?

vinyl vs LP SmartSide siding

They say that first impressions are everything. When it comes to your home, we couldn’t agree more. Your overall curb appeal can indicate what type of homeowner you are and what sort of lifestyle you may live. One surefire way to leave a positive, long-lasting impression is ensuring that your siding is as beautiful and cared for as your home. While there are many types of siding that you can choose from, we at Ferguson Roofing recommend choosing either vinyl siding or LP SmartSide. The question is this: which will last longer? Find out more below!

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Prepare Yourself For Spring with Home Improvement Projects

new windows in spring

It’s official – the sun is shining for an extra hour thanks to an adjustment of our clocks. What should you do with that additional daylight? While cutting the grass and maintaining gardens will soon become priorities, this upcoming spring season presents an opportunity for home improvement projects. Here are 5 projects to start with:

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Handling Masonry Damages in Cold Weather

Handling Masonry Damages in Cold Weather

No matter how many weeks of winter the groundhog thinks are left, Mother Nature tends to be unpredictable – especially in the Midwest. That’s why we’re always prepared for wintry conditions one day and spring-like weather on another. But what about our homes or businesses? Lower temperatures certainly impact the stonework, or masonry, that makes up your property, too. If you see any signs of damage, then Ferguson Roofing has three recommendations for you:

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How Failing Gutters Can Cause a Leaky Roof

Drip. Drip. Drip. You’ve been hearing this noise for the last hour, but scrambling around the house has not aided you in locating the source. It’s not coming from the sinks, the bathtub, or even the faucet outside. What could possibly be causing this maddening dripping sound? Check your roof and gutters to answer that question. Failing gutters can certainly cause a leaky roof. Here’s how:

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Can Roofing Be Done in Cold Weather?

roofing cold weather

It was something you meant to do. This year, you were determined to fix or even completely replace your roof. Unfortunately, storms raged throughout the seasons and your to-do list grew longer with work and familial obligations. Before you knew it, time slipped away and the wicked winds of winter have returned. Can you still do something about your roof, or are you doomed to wait for the thaw of spring to arrive before addressing the situation?

If you’re looking for a short answer, here it is: yes, roofing can technically be done in cold weather. Of course, there’s more to it than a simple monosyllabic answer. Here’s everything you should know about roofing in the winter before you pick up the phone and call your local roofing company:

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3 Big Reasons Why You Should Choose CertainTeed Shingles

certainteed shingles

Your roof is more than just a part of the house. It’s the protector that shields you and your loved ones from even the meanest of storms. It is the silent sentinel that keeps the elements and a host of precipitation out of your home. It’s the benevolent, unsung stronghold that retains heat to keep your wintertime family gatherings cozy and ventilates cool air to provide you with a refuge in the summer. Your roof takes good care of you, which is precisely why you should choose the very best in shingles – CertainTeed. Here are just a few reasons why property owners should consider CertainTeed:

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8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dec-Tec for Your Deck


Although the pervasive chill in the air makes us feel like fun backyard adventures are light years away, we should always keep the health of our outdoor living spaces in mind. We take the time to protect the floors inside our homes and buildings – why should our decks and balconies be any different? If you want to keep your outdoor spaces in tip-top shape, we have a new application that may interest you: Dec-Tec.

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