Everything I Learned I Learned in Kindergarten…

I was recently walking my dog and when I felt something under my shoe. It was that unmistakable feeling immediately followed by the standard statement – “Did I just step in s##t?”. I confirm the truth and then begin the scraping process. As an avid dog enthusiast, I am of course annoyed that someone did not pick up after their dog. Perhaps someone happened to forget their doggie bags when they left the house. Perhaps they did not realize their dog took a nature break. Or perhaps they simply did not care.

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Being Connected

“The most inspiring week I have ever had.” This was told to me by one of my employees recently at the end of a conference we attended. We were at a cloud computing conference in San Francisco. Our reason for attending relates to new software we will be utilizing to further improve the customer experience we aspire to deliver. The conference drew over 130,000 business professionals from around the country and world. Some of the companies represented were the largest in the world. Others are at the opposite end of that spectrum, including Ferguson Roofing.

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April Fools’ Day: The Lost Art of Pranking

This used to be one of my favorite holidays. I am not sure it technically is a holiday. Hallmark probably does not make cards for it. Nonetheless, it has become an American tradition. Well, I am not sure if it is only an American thing. I would be hesitant to test that internationally, as some countries would likely frown on some pranks and the U.S. embassy may have a hard time explaining the spirit of the day to the local authorities.

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Lessons Learned When in Flight…

“We have a fire in the APU” was the statement that came over the PA on my flight to Pennsylvania. My wife and I were flying East to visit her family for the Christmas holidays. Our plane was only 10 minutes outside of St. Louis when we got the news. The pilot made an about face and we were forced into a rapid descent back towards Lambert Airport.

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Trevisano Teddy Bear Christmas Land

Join us in supporting “Santa Night” at the Trevisano Teddy Bear Christmas Land on Saturday, December 15, 2012! Come visit with Santa from 6:30-9:30pm & don’t forget your camera! There are over 100 teddy bears beautifully displayed, special gifts for the kids and thousands of lights, lighted displays & animation all set to Christmas music. As all proceeds from this event go to support the St. Patrick Center, Ferguson Roofing was happy to provide goodies for the children’s gift bags.

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Santa House 2012!

It has really started to feel like the winter holidays have arrived here at Ferguson Roofing. We just did our part to usher in the “jolly old soul” in red! Ferguson Roofing has proudly donated our time and the materials to assemble the Santa House for the past 6 years at Mid Rivers Mall at 1600 Mid Rivers Mall Drive in St. Peters. As a third generation business, we understand the importance of family, both in and out of the workplace. We know that many families uphold the tradition of “visiting Santa” year after year and we appreciate the opportunity to help make that happen. No matter what holiday you celebrate, we all have those traditions we look forward to. What is something you look forward to doing with your family this holiday season?

The Mayan Lesson

I am an avid traveler. I prefer to get out of the USA. This has nothing to do with the USA itself. I have seen nearly the entire country before I started traveling international. We have scenic areas that rival any other spot on the planet. If you don’t believe me, go to Yosemite Valley for starters.

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Tico Time

I write this overlooking the mountains in Costa Rica. This makes the 5th time my wife and I travelled here. Although we like the novelty of new locations, it is hard not to end up in Costa Rica – this place has a magic about it. This is the first time we have been here during their ‘rainy season’. I came to decompress, so maybe that is the reason I was not bothered by the persistent afternoon showers. It did thin out the tourists during our stay and that is always a good thing!

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“Over the Edge” Repel Postponed

Due to the lightning and high winds on Friday, the “Over the Edge” building repel was cancelled until next year. As disappointed as we are not to watch Jason throw himself off a building for charity, we look at this as an opportunity to raise more money and support with our staff and the community for Special Olympics!