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Alzheimer’s Association

This year, Ferguson Roofing pledged our financial support to the National Alzheimer’s Association.   

This organization is working to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease. They are advancing research, providing care for patients and their families, and working to promote brain health and reduce the occurrence of dementia.

What is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia. It’s an irreversible brain disease that begins gradually with difficulty remembering words and progresses to affect all manner of memory skills, thinking, and the ability to perform daily functions. It robs the patient of their ability to recognize family and friends, leaving them frustrated, agitated, and confused. As the disease progresses, it can affect them physically, reducing their strength, balance, and lowering bladder and bowel control. In the final stages, basic life functions like swallowing and breathing are damaged, eventually leading to death.

Whom does Alzheimer’s affect?

Alzheimer’s affects over 5.7 million people a year in the United States alone. One in ten adults over 65 is afflicted by this disease. Although a majority of patients are seniors, it also affects our youth. People in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s are vulnerable to this disease as well. This disease also greatly impacts the families, friends, and community of its victims. It places a burden and extracts a tragic toll by stealing the memories of loved ones along the way.

There is hope for Alzheimer’s patients on the horizon.

Thanks to the type of research supported by the Alzheimer’s Association, new treatments are under development. One such Alzheimer drug has shown the potential for slowing the progression of the disease in an inventive medical trial. For more information, click Harvard Clinical Trial.

Why did Ferguson Roofing Choose the Alzheimer’s Association? 

Many of our staff and their families have been impacted by this disease. In fact, one of our employees tragically lost their father to Alzheimer’s. By supporting The Alzheimer’s Association, we are helping an organization that is actively working to end this disease and to assist all those touched by it. Do you know anyone whose life has been affected by this disease?

Support the fight to end Alzheimer’s:

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