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Bikes for Tykes

What did we do to help?

Ferguson has long supported activities that support health and families. However, biking with its variety and levels of challenge that can be enjoyed individually, with a family member, or a whole crew of friends, is one of our absolute favorites. Throughout Bike for Tykes’ 48-hour donation drive, we sponsored the event, donated a van-load of bikes, and jumped in with volunteers helping fix bikes and adjusting them for their new owners. This was one of the last programs we rallied behind, so many team members agreed to unify their employee nominations and get behind this one cause.

What does Bikes for Tykes do? What’s the Bikes for Tykes / Toys for Tots event all about?

Bikes for Tykes wants to connect as many bikes with as many kids as possible. They know that bikes are great for kids, health, wellness, and socialization. Through donations, special events, and volunteerism, Bikes for Tykes gives bikes, helmets, and safety gear to kids. Children who otherwise would have missed out on owning a bike can get one and experience the adventures a kid on a bike can have.

In St. Louis, Missouri, the Bikes for Tykes and Toys for Tots work in partnership with the United States Marine Corps, Semper Fi Society, Toys for Tots, and community supporters to run a 48-hour event that takes place in St. Louis every winter. The campaign collects brand-new helmets to provide the out-of-the-box “courage for your head” these new cyclists need. This event spreads holiday cheer by accepting unwrapped toys and new bikes to be given to children. Bikes for Tykes distributes the donations locally, centering on children within the St. Louis Metro Area.

Why did we choose to support Bikes for Tykes?

The Ferguson Roofing Community selected this organization because we like biking, helping kids, improving health, and promoting a cleaner environment. Biking helps kids explore their world while strengthening their bodies and social bonds. For millions of children across the country, a bike is an unobtainable luxury. Bikes for Tykes changes that.

Kids are growing up during an epidemic of obesity and heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and depression. Exercise can tip the balance in the fight against these maladies. Studies have shown that kids who ride and walk to school are likely to be healthier and more fit. When a kid rides their new bike, they’ve begun a healthy lifelong association of cycling with wellness.

Donating bikes also benefits the environment because it teaches our youth that there is a mode of transportation that does not involve an engine. Ideally, this desire to get around carries into commuting on a bike in adulthood.

We love supporting Bikes for Tykes and their impactful mission!

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