Award Recipients

Burns Recovered

What did we do to help?

We helped Burns Recovered meet their objectives of preventing burns and reducing the suffering caused by burn traumas with our financial support. The St. Louis community elected them for the 80 in 80 awards because of their mission to transform patients from burn victims to burn survivors.

What does Burns Recovered do?

Burns Recovered started with a small group of volunteers in 1983 at the St. John’s Mercy Burn Unit in St. Louis. They began reaching out to support burn survivors and their families with peer support and assistance with returning to school and work.

Now they offer support services, programs and special events throughout the Midwest. For example, they run an amazing camp, the Midwest Children’s Burn Camp, which provides youth ages 6 through 17 emotional support, fun activities, and a chance for campers to be confident in a caring community that encourages them on their journey to recovery.

Burns Recovered provides peer support and helps patients face the challenges between the hospital and returning home and from home back to daily living. These include: coping skills, emotional support, educating family members, financial assistance for housing, pressure garment assistance, and the BRSG Scholarship Program.

Why did we choose to support Burns Recovered?

Burns Recovered began to expand its mission in 2012 by offering more support to burn patients and throughout the Midwest region. They pioneered an extensive community outreach program and expanded their support for those recovering from severe burns. In these programs, Burn Recovered focuses on providing information for burn prevention at schools, senior communities, and community organizations. They also began helping patients in new ways with financial support for housing and a scholarship fund.

We know that when we support an organization like this it ripples out and expands throughout our community. This organization helps individual patients and their families as well as extending their support from immediate needs to future education goals. In addition to helping patients, they help families all throughout the Midwest by providing burn prevention education. Burns Recovered is another inspiring organization helping individuals and our community.

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