Award Recipients

Caring Solutions

What did we do to help?

Ferguson Roofing made a financial contribution to help Caring Solutions in their mission to provide assistance to developmentally disabled children and adults in St. Louis and surrounding counties.

What does the Special Education Foundation of St. Louis do?

Caring Solutions helps developmentally disabled children and adults achieve more of what life has to offer through a personalized approach that focuses on individual needs. They design and provide services through well trained, skilled staff members who genuinely care about helping their clients grow and expand their capabilities. Caring Solutions builds relationships while supporting the necessities of daily life from personal care to transportation as well as with jobs, health and behavioral support.

Respect and their client’s dignity drives their individualized personal approach to imparting responsive, effective assistance and efficient service. Clients receive care through the coordination of staff with the client’s family, host families, companions, or living facility. Caring Solutions reaches out to administer assistance where it’s needed most, in the home of their client or client’s family as well in a supported living facility for a few hours a month up to 24 hours a day.

Alongside delivering their services out in the community, Caring Solutions has built Valentine Place to serve the developmentally disabled who face additional behavioral challenges. Valentine Place is one of the first facilities in the state to accept clients for therapeutic work as well as short-term stays.

Why did we choose to support Caring Solutions?

The Ferguson Roofing community nominated this crucial supportive organization because of their 19 years of dedicated service and community impact. We recognize and support Caring Solutions for their continued effort to enhance the lives of individuals and the families they serve.

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By Theron Sturgess