Award Recipients

Center for Hearing and Speech

What did we do to help?

We helped the Center for Hearing and Speech with a fundraising event. We also provided some of our roofing expertise for repairs and maintenance of their facility. We hope this helps them with their objective to create global access for whoever needs their communication services.

What does The Center for Hearing and Speech do?

The Center for Hearing and Speech facilitates communication through programs and services that protect and enhance hearing and speech capability.

They have a 100 hundred-year history spanning the development and reach of their mission to protect and empower human communication. They began by helping the hearing impaired community with financial and social assistance.

They continued to develop and expand their programs, working to protect hearing in high-noise environments, diagnostic testing, and providing hearing aids. They provide community education, speech, and language as well as screening services. In addition to the general public, they have programs dedicated to schools where students receive hearing and vision tests. They also reach out to workers who labor in high noise work zones.

Now, The Center for Hearing and Speech has advanced audiology and speech-language pathology services. Today, they serve over 15,000 people every year.

Why did we choose to support The Center for Hearing and Speech?

The Ferguson Community elected to help the Center because their outreach to the underserved population helps with communication challenges and provides fundamental care for a higher quality of life. They fill a social and medical gap with services for needs that often get overlooked. They also help many people in our community and in our underserved populations who require assistance with the basics of life that can easily be taken for granted. We applaud their efforts to create a future where anyone who needs help with hearing, speech, vision, or basic human communication can get it.

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