Award Recipients

Circus Harmony

What is Circus Harmony all about?

Circus Harmony is a unique non-profit organization that artfully connects different people and local cultures through the instruction of circus-style performing arts. Imagine facing your fear while swinging on a trapeze high above a net. Circus Harmony uses these unique experiences as a way of developing physical fitness, confidence, communication, trust, and the kind of social skills that can help children become successful, happy, engaged adults and help adults grow these attributes. As students learn to “leap over social barriers,” they become stronger and develop emotional well-being in a supportive and challenging environment.

Circus Harmony teaches their classes of the Circus Arts at the St. Louis City Museum and at the Flying Trapeze Center at the Chesterfield Athletic Club. They also provide outreach classes at schools, community centers, and clubs in the greater St. Louis area.

How did we contribute?

Ferguson Roofing donated a cash grant for Circus Harmony. We hope this will help them with their mission to teach life skills through learning performing arts in a social circus while promoting positive social change and connecting communities.

Why did Circus Harmony receive the 80 in 80 award?

Circus Harmony has flown into the hearts and minds of children, families, and communities here in St. Louis since 2001. This extraordinary and special St. Louis non-profit has grown from ten students to over 1,300 students.

Their new home is the spectacular City Museum where they now run a year-round circus school. Circus Harmony’s positive social impact extends to many low-income families who make up over 70% of their clients. Their students have become a part of expanding their presentations from 40 to over 500 shows a year. Ferguson Roofing is in full support of combining whimsy and wellness while teaching students to overcome challenges and soar upward to new heights.

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