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Defenders 14u National Baseball Team

Who are the Defenders?

One of the categories in our 80 in 80 campaign is organizations nominated by our employees. One of our longest tenured employees of 15 years, Jeff Houran, nominated the Defenders to be recognized. They are a 14u National Baseball Team that plays for the O’Fallon Community Athletics Club (OCAC). The OCAC is a non-profit organization that was started in 1960 and is completely made up of volunteers. “14u” stands for 14 years of age and “under league.” This means the boys that play on the team have to be 14 years old as of January 1, 2019.

Houran has coached this team since its inception in 2010. The assistant coaches are: Chris Jezik (Ferguson employee for 4 years), Mark Potts, and Dan McQuirey. The team motto – “Defend It!” – has been heard every game during their amazing 2019 season of 15 wins, 5 losses, and 2 tied games. The players’ stats can be found below.

What did we do to help the Defenders?

We are very happy to sponsor the Defenders as well as provide them with jerseys and hats for their spring and fall seasons.

Why did we choose the Defenders?

As seen by many of the company-selected winners for the 80 in 80 campaign, Ferguson Roofing strongly believes in supporting organizations that offer healthy outdoor activities for kids, so they grow up to have healthy passions as adults. Baseball improves coordination, gets kids outside instead of on their electronics, promotes teamwork, and teaches good sportsmanship. Most importantly, it lets kids have fun by being active!

We asked Jeff why he’s coached this team for so long and why they should receive recognition during the 80 in 80 campaign, Houran said that it’s “all about fostering competitive passion.” Jeff definitely brings that to the team here at Ferguson, and we are so happy to support him in bringing those lessons to the Defenders! Based on their stellar record, the Defenders are very motivated youth and have been working hard to Defend It!


Hits / At BatsWalksKScored#4 Charley6 / 1110613#10 Jake13 / 215213#13 Ian7 / 136510#5 Carson7 / 146411#42 Brody16 / 212110#11 Brandon11 / 20038#91 AJ10 / 18236#21 Jon9 / 17527#32 Carson5 / 14444#50 Evan2 / 13442#52 Dom3 / 821488 Total Runs


WinsStrike OutsInnings PitchedRuns AllowedSavesJake31712101Ian3799Brandon11314133Carson16972Jon1121

Defenders baseball team Defenders baseball team