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Family Forward

What did we do to help?

Two of St. Louis’ premier non-profit organizations combined their 171 years of experience of helping children and families to form Family Forward. The Children’s Home Society of Missouri and the Family Resource Center united to provide assessment, therapeutic care, and education for children with developmental disabilities. This organization was able to positively affect nearly 7,000 children and their families last year.

Recently, Family Forward decided to build a therapeutic garden as part of their ongoing service to families. Ferguson Roofing provided a $500 financial contribution to support their mission.

How does Family Forward help children and families?

Family Forward administers psychological evaluation, trauma assessment, and provides therapy, coaching, and education for children and the families of children with developmental disabilities. They also provide options for foster care and adoption, as well as therapeutic preschool. Family Forward offers the only developmental trauma center in our area and the program recently expanded to include Berkeley, Jennings, Florissant, Ferguson, and other communities in North St. Louis County.

Family Forward’s vision for providing effective and innovative methods for developing healthier relationships between developmentally disabled children and their families arises from a specific model of neuroscience therapy. The Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics (NMT) developed by Bruce D. Perry, MD, Ph.D. of the Child Trauma Academy forms the foundation of a responsive method that places the understanding of a child’s traumatic history in context with their current challenges and abilities. This pioneering approach to therapy supports the children and strengthens the community that surrounds them.

Why did we choose to support Family Forward?

Our community committee nominated Family Forward for their commitment to applying effective leading-edge assessment, therapies, education, and family placement services. We applaud their efforts to provide targeted methods tailored to help with very specific needs and challenges. By assisting those who need the most help, Family Forward strengthens families and bolsters the greater St. Louis neighborhood. We are proud to invest in our local community and in this organization that works to build safe and independent families.

Have you met a family with a child that has developmental disabilities?

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