Award Recipients

First Run Theater

What did we do to help?

We supported First Run Theater with a financial contribution to join their effort to increase access and production of local theatrical arts. We want to add to the effort of encouraging our community to support local theatrical companies, playwrights, and actors so they may have the means to produce plays that have never been performed. We are inspired by the support of local artists and the creation of a platform for emerging playwrights.

What does First Run Theater do?

First Run Theater supports local playwrights, actors, and theatrical companies to produce 10- to 15-minute original plays that have never been published or produced. These dense “TED Talks” of the local theater arts world bolster our creatives and breathe new life into an art form that enriches our community and shouldn’t be left to burn out and fade away.

This organization is expanding a premiere theatrical venue through a variety of efforts. They seek quality plays by hosting annual competitions. From the winners, they produce high-quality productions using education, training, and development of a diverse community that spans the spectrum of racial, religious, nationality, gender, ethnicity, age, and disability of participants.

Why did we choose to support First Run Theater?

Throughout the 80 in 80 projects, Ferguson Roofing has sought out unique and diverse organizations to support. First Run Theater’s commitment to providing a high-quality local theater experience while supporting diverse artists and the community that surrounds them lines up with our commitment to contributing to those rare and wonderful organizations that bring more life, light, and positive creative energy to our region.

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