Award Recipients

Gifted Resource Council

What did we do to help?

The 80 in 80 project wanted to back an organization that supports children who are not fully served in their own right. We made a financial contribution to help them in their effort to build a framework for gifted children that will teach them how to maximize a student’s gifts and talents rather than leaving them to drift outside the mainstream.

What does The Gifted Resource Council do?

The GRC recognizes that gifted children can become isolated outside the norm of basic education and become distracted, bored, and even disruptive. Not only is this a challenge for the teachers, but it’s also a waste of the student’s potential.

The council unifies resources from the community for parents and teachers to meet the needs of gifted children and their families. The GRC strives to teach children how to think rather than what to think. They endeavor to enhance their students’ innate gifts and talents as well as providing them with academic and interpersonal guidance.

Over 2,500 children benefit from GRC programs where many for the first time are provided the opportunity to work with other gifted and talented students. Instructors challenge their students with engaging hands-on learning experiences and guide them toward cooperation and advanced problem-solving.

The GRC’s programs include weekend enrichment classes called Learning Labs, which stimulate thinking and imagination. Another GRC program, Summer Academies, spans a spectrum of interests from history, ecology, math and science to outer space and culture. They also hold the Academic Challenge Cup each spring, which features competitions in language, math, and creative problem-solving.

Why did we choose to support The Gifted Resource Council?

Gifted kids need support, too. Children with special gifts can fall outside the mainstream and become overlooked and underserved. When we fail to support and challenge these gifted children, their talents, focus, and creativity can wither or drift away.

The Ferguson Roofing community wants to magnify the capabilities of this often overlooked group by helping the GRC provide students with an education that promotes creativity and inventiveness. We see this as an investment in both these individual children and the future of our community.

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