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JOY FM 99.1 Mission Trip

What did we do to help?

Ferguson Roofing helped sponsor one of our valued employees, Laura Benton, on her mission trip to Guatemala. Local radio station JOY FM 99.1 created the mission trip to help families in Guatemala.

What are the mission trips with JOY FM 99.1 all about?

JOY FM 99.1 entered the St. Louis radio market to fill a void left by a commercial Christian music station that had been purchased and reformatted. JOY FM became a non-commercial, listener-supported station in order to fulfill their mission to inspire and encourage believers with contemporary Christian music.

JOY FM decided to go beyond the music and change lives with their Guatemala mission trip. The purpose of the trip was to go into individual homes and contribute smokeless stoves, water filters, food, and Bibles. The smokeless stoves help families to cook in their homes and protect them and their children from breathing smoke, as well as preventing potential fires.

Why did we choose to sponsor Laura’s mission trip?

Laura has been with Ferguson Roofing for 23 years and when we found out what she wanted to do, we wanted to help. In her mission trip, she would spend her time and energy helping to make the world a better place while broadening her own horizons. We saw this as an excellent opportunity to create a magnified abundance of positivity. Laura said this about her travel experience: “The trip changed my heart. Things we take for granted in America are luxury items for many other countries.” Laura gained a wider perspective of the world, helped those in need, and returned to us with greater life experience.

Sponsoring Laura and the JOY FM mission trip was another one of those great situations we encounter while pursuing the mission of 80 in 80. It’s that moment when we team with our employees and service organizations to bring about an expansion of the good in our lives at work, as individuals, and in the world around us. It’s a great feeling to see the torch lit with the spirit of the 80 in 80 being carried by one of our valued employees.

To find out more about JOY FM’s mission trip, click:

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