Award Recipients

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

What did we do to help?

Ferguson Roofing provided a financial contribution in support of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s goal to find a cure for type 1 diabetes.

What does The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation do?

The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) leads the fight against type I diabetes through innovative research focused on the hunt for a cure. The JDRF serves those affected by this chronic disease beyond their research efforts through governmental advocacy and by providing community support for patients and their families. They also partner with academia providing grants and fellowships in an effort to encourage and support the next generation who will advance T1D research.

Type I diabetes (T1D) is often called juvenile diabetes because symptoms first appear during childhood and early adolescence. Symptoms begin when the pancreas can’t produce enough of the hormone insulin, which is critical to passing blood sugar (glucose) into our cells for energy. This is often a chronic lifelong illness that can rob the patient of energy and harm their heart, nerves, kidneys, feet, vision, and even their life. They continue to adapt and innovate as in the 2020 SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic by researching how COVID-19 affects diabetic patients.

Why did we choose to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation?

We have been longtime supporters of the JDRF. We’ve felt the impact of diabetes in our Ferguson Roofing family, so this cause really hits home for us. Our community selected them because the pioneering efforts of the JDRF combating diabetes place them at the forefront of the battle for a cure. They are the world’s biggest nonprofit funder of type 1 diabetes research. While searching for the cure, they help patients and their families persevere and stay in the fight until they find a way to end type 1 diabetes for good.

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