Award Recipients

Life Arts

What did we do to help?

Ferguson Roofing worked with the executive director, Brian Owens, in converting a church into Life Arts’ future headquarters. We provided labor, materials, construction services, and supplies.

What does Life Arts do?

Life Arts helps students achieve their innate, natural-born creative potential by providing artistic resources, opportunities, and mentoring while cultivating an environment ripe with positive experiences. They strive to develop the leaders of tomorrow by guiding the students of today by developing skills in the arts and through Life Arts’ programs.

Life Arts’ community projects grow from their key philosophy of combining leadership, excellence, and innovation. Life Arts fosters the fidelity, trust, and conviction that comes as budding artists harness their creative powers for the greater good.

Since the tragic events of 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri, Life Arts has gathered their students from the local area to develop the skills needed for them to play an essential part in confronting and resolving critical challenges facing our city and country.

Life Arts endeavors to provide infrastructure and empowerment, opportunities, and a voice to participants through projects and experiences that serve the underserved community locally while inspiring us nationally.

Why did we choose to support Life Arts?

The company awarded Life Arts because Brian Owens simply inspired us. He leads by example, provides opportunities, champions leadership, mentors, and brings music and creativity to those who previously had no access. Combine that with Life Arts’ passion for healing a community and a country facing difficult challenges by investing in local youth and the creative spirit, and you have an amazing organization on the rise, poised to do great things.

We were honored to help and contribute in any way to this wonderful work.

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