Award Recipients

Love the Lou

What did we do to help?

We provided a financial gift to Love the Lou in support of their mission to help citizens in need to build a better St. Louis.

What does Love the Lou do?

Love the Lou (LtL) creates a healthier St. Louis by working to satisfy two essential needs: employment and housing. Their philosophy guides them to cultivate caring relationships founded in loving regard for the people of St. Louis.

LtL faces the challenges of poverty, rising unemployment, below-average median income, and a growing housing problem through projects that lead to jobs and affordable housing. Projects include Lift, Link, and Live.

Lift employs and empowers teens through education and a job opportunity working in their community gardens. Lift coordinates with area businesses where teens can witness first-hand career opportunities. Lift emphasizes life skills and experiences to broaden horizons and increase experiences in an effort to lift teens out of a poverty mindset into a possibility mindset.

The Link program unifies students and neighbors with marketing and financial advisors to stimulate the Northern St. Louis economy. The project aims to create business hubs that they will surround with five other businesses and employ local residents. Link will also incubate businesses and support them through expansion from local to expanded markets throughout the city and region.

Love the Lou’s Live project aspires to provide ten low-income families with affordable housing while supporting them with training to improve life skills, job placement, and crisis intervention. The two-year living program will meet weekly to surround participants with potential employers and counselors.

To see an example of how Love the Lou invigorates North St. Louis with jobs, housing, and revitalization, click here:

Why did we choose to support Love the Lou?

This employee-nominated award came through our affiliation with the Roofing & Siding Contractors Alliance. Love the Lou leads by example by forging strong, loving relationships within the local community. LtL connects residents, businesses, and leaders in their unified effort to enhance and energize the parts of St. Louis that need it the most.

Love the Lou encourages us to face complex problems with heart and hard work, and to make the place we live better. Love the Lou inspires us to improve the lives of those who live here.

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