Award Recipients

Marianist Retreat and Conference Center

How did we help?

Ferguson Roofing contributed financial support to the Marianist Retreat Center’s Trivia Night fundraiser.  This support aids the MRCC in their mission to provide opportunities for people to experience solace and spiritual contemplation as well as educational opportunities in alignment with their values of justice and inclusion for marginalized people. This is a place that fosters a greater peace in the hearts of participants and in the heart of our community. 

What does the Marianist Retreat and Conference Center do?

The MRCC offers a wide range of retreat and educational experiences, which allow participants to deepen their religious, spiritual, and educational development. The variety of retreat experiences invites people to connect to one another. They create a quiet space in order to encounter deeper spiritual and religious connection. People report seeking these retreats so they may expand their relationship with Christ and spend time reflecting in quiet contemplation. The MRCC offers a safe harbor beyond the hectic chaos of daily life.   

Why did we choose to support the Marianist Retreat Center?

One of our customers asked us to select MRCC for our 80 in 80 giveback project. This represents the relationship between serving our customers and our commitment to giving back to our community. We are supporting our employees and customers by selecting charitable organizations that have made a difference in their lives. Finding a place of solace and contemplation in a chaotic, busy world is one of the true blessings of a place like the Marianist Retreat and Conference Center.

The connection between business, customers, and the community that surrounds us is at the heart of Ferguson Roofing’s 80 in 80 mission.

We are going beyond building roofs to help in building the community. We are committed to better shelter for our customers and better support for the community. 80 in 80 reminds us of all the good we can do when we work together to improve the neighborhoods that we all share. Great things happen when businesses, customers, and community organizations work together to make helping people and positive change possible. 

What changes would you like to make in your community? Where do you go to escape the busyness of life or to find greater spiritual connection?

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