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Missouri Mudders and Leadbelt Racing

How we helped

We sponsored the children’s race and offered a $500 gift card to a random winner from the drawing. Ferguson Roofing hopes the gift card can help the lucky winner to purchase a brand-new children’s bike. Supporting the Leadbelt children’s race allows us to acknowledge the support and sacrifice parents make to their children in outdoor sports.

What are the Leadbelt race and Missouri Mudders all about?

Missouri Mudders and Leadbelt Racing event

The Missouri Mudders is a non-profit off-road motorcycling organization that sponsors and manages competitive off-road events in Missouri. The Missouri Mudders is a supporter of the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) and helps organize local competitive events, access to trails, and skill development.

Missouri Mudders also sponsors the Leadbelt race, an annual event when the unique Leadbelt course at St. Joe State Park is prepared for runners and mountain bikers. There, participants experience a day full of races for runners and mountain bikers of many classes, ages, and skill levels in beautiful Park Hills, MO, south of St. Louis.

Why we support Missouri Mudders

Kids riding bikes is a wonderful thing. The sound of families cheering for their kids and seeing kids engaging in such an exciting event symbolizes the spirit of Ferguson’s 80 in 80 community betterment project. Supporting the Leadbelt race is all about individuals, family, community, business, and good works coming together.

This is an event close to the heart of our president here at Ferguson Roofing. Jason Shupp has been a long time off-road motocross and mountain biking enthusiast. When away from work, he can often be found on mountain bike trails with his family. He knows firsthand what an awesome experience spending time with family while exercising in the great outdoors can be. Ferguson Roofing loved being able to share that experience by supporting the Leadbelt race and a day of family fun, youth fitness, and outdoor activities.

What’s your favorite form of outdoor activity?

For more information about Missouri Mudders or the Leadbelt race, click: Missouri Mudders and Leadbeltracing.

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