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Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship

What did we do to help?

The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, known as NFTE (pronounced as “nifty”), is an international non-profit organization providing entrepreneurship training and education programs that serve young students from low-income urban areas. Ferguson Roofing supports NFTE through our financial contribution to the local classroom programs and by volunteering as mentors, tutors, and competition judges.

What does the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship do?

NFTE operates as a local, national, and international organization. NFTE’s mission to provide entrepreneurial education cultivates the successful mindset of youth and provides them with opportunities to expand their skills as well as compete.

Here, NFTE works within under-resourced communities through school districts in the St. Louis area to create equal opportunities for those with the desire to learn and compete. NFTE facilitates training and mentorship for bright and eager students ready to take on the challenge of local, national, and international entrepreneurial competition.

NFTE collaborates with qualified teachers to provide entrepreneurship programs to their students. The curriculum teaches how to develop a business plan including: idea generation, market and product/service research, and budgeting. Recently, our president Jason Shupp worked in the classroom with students as a guest lecturer to teach the financial fundamentals of running a business.

Competitors participate in a “Shark Tank” style challenge that starts in the classroom and can lead to a national competition in New York City. It’s been exciting to see St. Louis students qualify for the finals in New York and rewarding to help mentor some of these talented students. Witnessing teenagers standing in front of a crowd, pitching their ideas to a room full of family, faculty, professionals, and fellow entrepreneurs sparks inspiration and hope for the future of innovative businesses.

Why did we choose to support NFTE?

Ferguson Roofing began our collaboration with NFTE in 2015. During our search to find a partner to feature in the St. Louis Business Journal’s Giving Guide, we met the Executive Director of NFTE. He gave our president, Jason Shupp, an opportunity to help mentor a class. Teaching that class solidified our relationship. Later, NFTE asked Shupp to join the NFTE Advisory Board, where he currently continues his advocacy and participation.

Do you know of any bright, business-minded students that might benefit from NFTE’s programs?

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