Award Recipients

Oasis International Ministries

What did we do to help?

As part of our 80 in 80 project, Ferguson Roofing looks for diverse ways to contribute to non-profit organizations. Our community committee discovered just the opportunity for us when they found that one of Oasis Ministries had a facility with roof leaks. We repaired the leaks and improved the shelter for an organization that shelters others.

What does Oasis Ministries do?

Oasis Ministries helps refugees from war-torn countries find safe haven in their new home country. In 2017, Oasis International Ministries served 6,200 refugees from 35 countries with ongoing support. They connect individuals, churches, and civic organizations with new refugees. They welcome the refugees and provide them with the support needed to assimilate to a new country. Oasis helps new arrivals learn how to navigate the complexities of a society that may be very different from their country of origin. This may include training in a new language, how to access transportation, and learning how our government works.

Oasis provides classes in the fundamental skills that help refugees face the overwhelming challenges of everyday life in a new country. Oasis directs students to the right teachers that can help refugees learn English, how to drive and earn their license, and to prepare for citizenship. They help families and children integrate into new schools, provide community outreach events, and provide supplies like eyeglasses and backpacks.

Oasis also works to unite refugees with people who share a common culture while also hosting community events like monthly barbeques to help bring people together into their new community. Job fairs and holiday celebrations further help refugees to become part of the incredible experience of living in the United States.

Why did we choose to support Oasis Ministries?

We live in a global society that is becoming more connected every day. Our employees and customers represent a diverse group of people from many ethnic backgrounds. It is with great pride that Ferguson Roofing supports Oasis International Ministries, whose mission is to love and care for those seeking refuge from war-torn countries. When we learned that an organization that helps people fleeing from war and devastation needed construction assistance, we gladly offered our help. The 80 in 80 project embraces becoming part of a larger community, uniting together, and coming to the aid of those in need.

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