Award Recipients

Prosperity Connection

What did we do to help?

We gave a financial contribution to Prosperity Connection. They help to increase financial literacy for an underserved population in our community. They teach people to move from financially struggling to becoming self-sustaining and, eventually, thriving. When people understand the dynamics of personal finance and the basics of economics, they have the information they need to make better decisions, save more, and invest wisely.

What does Prosperity Connection do?

In 2009, the St. Louis Credit Union helped form Prosperity Connection, a nonprofit organization designed to help individuals and families develop an understanding of financial fundamentals, improve their standard of living, and enhance their lifestyle.

They do this by offering group classes, individual coaching, and planning, as well as providing them with resources such as low-cost banking solutions. As individuals work to implement their plan and change behaviors concerning money matters, they are tracked by key indicators that help them gather information and implement the strategies they’ve learned in class.

Why did we choose to support Prosperity Connection?

Ferguson Roofing selected Prosperity Connection because of the impact of their outreach. In 2018, Prosperity Connection reduced their clients’ collective debt by over $54,000 and taught over 405 students through group classes and individual coaching.

We support this kind of effective outreach that produces tangible, measurable benefits to individuals and their surrounding neighborhoods. As Prosperity Connection helps individuals, they stabilize families and in turn, those families support, invest in, and enrich the community. This win-win strategy achieved through education goes far beyond a simple helping hand. This organization uses instruction, planning, and action to provide people with the means to help themselves.

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