Award Recipients

Shape the Sky

What did we do to help?

Shape the Sky, LLC is unique compared to most of the other grant recipients as it is a socially-focused business. We provided human resources to help Shape increase its reach to the growing need of people who are at a digital crossroads.

What does Shape the Sky do?

Shape the Sky creates responsible children on smartphones. The nonprofit is a hub for resources that connect the various challenges that face our youth when it comes to technology. The founder, Ryan Klingensmith, through his work in schools, is able to stay closely connected to the youth culture and how it is expressed through technology/apps/social media. These insights, filtered through a deep understanding of mental health, can be shared to parents, teachers, and therapists to better assist the adults in the role they have to guide their youth.

Shape the Sky provides numerous education outlets. In schools, they will educate administrators and teachers, as well as doing presentations to the youth. Many schools will bring them in to do a parent’s night training as well. Shape also works with therapists/counselors, as they have found that whatever the child’s needs are, technology plays a part of the process. They also offer half- and full-day trainings to organizations, often with CEUs attached to it, to help promote general industry knowledge. Shape also has an online webinar series that is growing in popularity with the shift to remote working and learning.

Why did we choose to support Shape the Sky?

Ferguson Roofing knows that children are the future. Since many of us are parents, we are dealing with the same challenges of guiding our children through the undiscovered country of today’s digital landscape. We know that to be the best teachers possible, we need the right resources to be good students first.

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