Award Recipients

St. Louis Blues Blind Hockey Club

The St. Louis Blues Blind Hockey Club’s mission is to provide those with visual impairments the opportunity to fully participate in a team sport: ice hockey. Their goal is to allow players with limited spectrum of sight to enjoy the teamwork, competition and athleticism that is synonymous with this sport. We are very lucky to have this club in our community as they are one of only eight teams in the whole country that makes this sport accessible to the visually impaired.

St Louis Blues Blind Hockey ClubAs players have sight impairments ranging from 10% to 100% loss of vision, the league makes modifications to the equipment that allows players to track the game through auditory signals. For example, the puck is full of ball bearings that make noise and the nets are shorter. This allows the puck to be easier to follow.

Ferguson Roofing is inspired by this mission to bring sport and fun to the visually impaired. We are proud to support this organization.