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Tenth Life Rescue

How did we help?

Ferguson Roofing donated a gift basket to Tenth Life Rescue for cats. The Tenth Life philosophy is that every cat, despite medical conditions, physical limitations, or the mental scars of abuse, deserves the chance at a fulfilling and happy life.

What does Tenth Life Do?

Tenth Life is committed to caring for cats even when they have challenges with negative behaviors or require extensive medical care. They do all they can to eliminate unnecessary euthanasia and feral homeless felines. They use collaborative partnerships like the support from Ferguson Roofing to further their mission, provide care, and support their educational outreach and community programs.

Why did we help Tenth Life?

Our employees love their pets and we love our employees. Several of our employees voted for this organization because of the love they have for their furry friends. Animals bring joy and comfort to everyday life. Cat lovers out there know that these animals are often abused or neglected and that a wild population can quickly grow out of control. Left to the wild they breed and overpopulate, causing more suffering and problems. Tenth Life works to break that cycle of suffering.

Ferguson Roofing supports organizations like Tenth Life to help animals, reduce suffering, fight cruelty, and advocate for animals without a voice. Less suffering in the world is a good thing. More compassion and care for creatures large and small, sick or well, bring the lost to a loving home.  Ferguson Roofing is working to provide better shelter for their customers and the community, including some of our more furry residents.

Who has been your favorite pet? If you could help any animal in the world, which animal would it be?

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