Award Recipients

USA Homeownership Foundation, Inc.

What did we do to help?

Ferguson Roofing made a financial contribution to The USA Homeownership foundation to help them provide homeownership, loan education, and real estate seminars and to help serve thousands of veterans in need of housing, VA loans, and financial education.

What does The USA Homeownership Foundation do?

They develop economic expansion for the active-military and veteran communities by providing housing opportunities, loan education, and professional development for the real estate industry. They have placed more than 1,500 veterans in homes, educated over 5,000 vets about VA loans, and helped over 2,000 military families through the VAREP Cares program. They’ve also reached out to the real estate and financial service industry and educated over 20,000 agents and lenders about the Veteran Affairs loan.

This foundation pursues its mission to provide sustainable homeownership, financial literacy education, VA loan awareness, and expanded prosperity for veterans and their families through their five-point plan. This plan achieves successful outreach through homeownership advocacy, community outreach, professional membership where real estate and financial service professionals can meet and share ideas, veteran job placement, and providing options for affordable housing. Their programs span a wide gap and build a bridge for U.S. veterans to find more options and means toward a better economic future.

Why did we choose to support The USA Homeownership Foundation?

The Ferguson Roofing community elected to support this foundation because the USA Homeownership Foundation supports those who support us. These heroes of professional military service return to civilian life and a country full of challenges concerning employment, housing, and financial opportunity. This organization works with veterans, their families, and professionals to provide education, housing, and jobs. They are providing more than a place to live – they are also providing homes and a way forward in life.

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