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World Pediatric Project

What did we do to help?

Since 2001, the World Pediatric Project has treated over 12,000 children and providing over 25,000 specialist services unavailable in underserved areas of the globe. We contributed financially to the WPP to help fund a life-changing project that heals children, saves lives, and expands the distribution of critical health services across the continents.

The WPP’s In-Kind donations magnify contributions and provide a boosted philanthropic return on investment. WPP’s In-Kind donations come from participating doctors, nurses, hospitals, and suppliers. Each dollar donated generates an additional $5 to the project.

What does The World Pediatric Project do?

The WPP works to treat sick children across the world with specialized medical care often unavailable in regions without advanced medical capabilities, resources, and infrastructure.

The WPP bridges the disparity of access to specialized pediatric medical procedures and surgical care. They transport volunteers and pediatric specialists, then support them with resources while using a scalable data and collaboration-driven method to amplify the near-term and long-term reach of the program. Challenges are learned from, obstacles avoided, and successes duplicated in a model designed to expand. Every year this program grows, it develops the potential for saving thousands more lives.

Why did we choose to support The World Pediatric Project?

The Ferguson Roofing Community selected this project because of its international reach and ever-expanding scope. For example, the WPP’s Transformation 2023 Strategic Initiative accelerates the WPP’s outreach to help over 17,000 children from 2017 through 2023. This acceleration will reach thousands of children years sooner and provide advanced care for newborns while increasing access to pediatric specialists in low-resource countries. Seeing all the lives changed all across the world and how this program continues to grow made the WPP a unique, powerful, and logical choice for our selection.

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