Stone and brick features on commercial buildings and multi-family homes require maintenance to keep them performing and looking their best. Small problems can quickly escalate into big issues, and widespread deterioration of masonry is expensive to fix. If left unchecked, this type of exterior damage leads to other issues, including water infiltration. Our team is equipped with the expertise for all your tuckpointing and masonry needs. Let our experience work for you.

Our Masonry Services Include:

Crack Repairs + Brick Replacement

A building’s strength lies in a solid foundation. Minor cracks may appear harmless, but they can quickly turn into larger, more costly issues. We are skilled in sealing cracks in both stone and mortar, which not only freshens your exterior’s look but also strengthens it and prevents future damage.

Tuckpointing + Repointing

It’s imperative that your masonry remains in the best condition possible. We work hard to replace any missing or algae-ridden mortar to ensure that your brickwork is at its best. Our team of experts is specialized in tuckpointing and cap repairs to preserve your masonry’s fortitude.

Waterproofing + Sealing

Keep water outside where it belongs with the help of Ferguson Roofing. We pinpoint, fix, and seal even the smallest of leak sources to protect your exterior and promote structural longevity. Our experts will clean the brickwork, determine your building’s health, and place a rubberized sealant over the masonry to extend its life.

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