Stone and brick features on commercial buildings and multi-family homes have maintenance requirements to keep them performing and looking their best. Small problems can quickly become big issues and widespread deterioration of masonry is expensive to fix. If unchecked, this type of damage to buildings leads to other issues, including water infiltration. Our team is equipped with the expertise for all your tuckpointing and masonry needs.  Let our experience work for you.

Our Masonry Services Include:

Crack Repairs + Brick Replacement

Cracks in mortar and stone can lead to much larger issues if not properly repaired. We take time to seal cracks for a seamless, fresh exterior look that will last for years to come.

  • Sealing cracks allows a seamless, fresh exterior look and prevents future damage.
  • Replacing bricks will restore the strength of the brickwork and prevent tear downs.

Tuckpointing + Repointing

Replacing missing or algae-ridden mortar is essential to your brickwork performance. We specialize in tuckpointing and cap repairs to keep your masonry in top condition.

Waterproofing + Sealing

Water leaking through stone exterior work can quickly escalate to a large-scale repair. We work to identify even the smallest leak sources, fix and seal them completely to avoid future damage to your building.

  • Clean existing brickwork to determine the health of the structure and keep it looking its best.
  • Putting a rubberized sealant over existing stone can add years of life.

Call Ferguson Roofing to have the stone throughout your building evaluated for free. We can put a program together that allows you to start in the areas most important to you and your home.

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