Fair Shares CCSA

Food quality, the commercialization of farming and the advocacy of improved nutritional programs are trending topics right now. With schools and the healthcare system getting pulled into the fray, these conversations will stay relevant for years to come. The Ferguson Roofing family is passionate about endorsing options that will help people eat great food that is kind to our bodies and the planet…especially when we can support a local business at the same time!

Jason, President of Ferguson Roofing, is a bit of a foodie. More specifically, his wife, Jamie, is a fanatical foodie. Consequently, those two have been participating in a local CCSA (Combined Community Supported Agriculture) aptly named Fair Shares CCSA. Fair Shares’ mission is to help others get access to a wider diversity of locally produced food while supporting local farmers. Healthy, sustainable, local – what more could you ask for from your food! To learn more about the Fair Share CCSA, click here to visit their website.

To aid in sustainability, shareholders are urged to bring their own bags to collect their produce order. In today’s busy world, remembering a bag is the least of our problems! To show our support for patrons that utilize Fair Shares CCSA and to make it more convenient to enjoy great, healthy food, Ferguson Roofing donated recyclable bags for those that forget theirs. We know this is a small way to contribute, but every journey begins with the first step and we hope to help others find their way to sustainable, local produce!