Trevisano Teddy Bear Christmas Land

Every winter you can drive around at night and look at the beautiful Christmas lights that homeowners have painstakingly installed. The Trevisano family takes this tradition to a new level and puts up over 100 teddy bears, thousands of lights, lighted displays & animation AND THEN sets it all to Christmas music. Santa Claus, being attracted to such things, visits the house and hands out special gifts to any children that stop by. The Trevisanos decided to take things one step further and donate all proceeds from this event to charity.

The Trevisano Teddy Bear Christmas Land has raised nearly $25,000 in 6 years for the St. Patrick Center, an organization who’s mission is to “provide[s] opportunities for self-sufficiency and dignity to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Individuals and families build permanent, positive changes in their lives through safe and affordable housing, sound mental and physical health, and employment and financial stability.” Since learning about this event and it’s worthy cause, Ferguson Roofing has donated goodies for the gift bags Santa hands out to the children for the past two years.

As a special treat in 2012, Ferguson Roofing donated 75 lbs. of Cherry Mash candies. This candy was developed in 1918 and is made exclusively in St. Joseph, Missouri. For more information about the Cherry Mashes, please click here.

In 2014, Ferguson Roofing donated 500 pieces of Russell Stover candy to be handed out to the children marveling at the Christmas wonderland.

For more information about the Trevisano Teddy Bear Christmas Land or the St. Patrick Center, please click here.