Ferguson Roofing Goes “Full Throttle” on the Open Road

What is life without adventure? We all define it differently. Depending on your personality, it can range from free falling from 13,000 feet to trying a new dish at your favorite restaurant. Adventure for three members of the Ferguson Roofing team is easy to identify: the freedom of the open road behind the handlebars of a Harley. For Brett, Troy and Justin, there is no better way to see the world than going full throttle with the wind.

For Ferguson co-owner Brett Shupp, his love of riding began at Antire Valley County Park when he discovered dirt bikes around age 12. The passion has only grown since then. Brett, who now owns three Harleys, relishes the radio silence the open road brings. A long ride brings an unfiltered view of the world that cures all that ails him.

Troy, our Warehouse Supervisor, also has many years of riding under his belt. He is drawn into riding, not only for the buzz of the road, but also the community. His respect for fellow riders is rooted in a mutual reverence for life, family and hard work.

Another of our vital Production Team, Service Supervisor Justin, was introduced to riding by a very close friend three years ago. Needless to say, he was addicted after his first ride. Riding with his friend brought a new bond to their relationship and Justin cherishes those memories as his friend has since passed away. Justin celebrates the life that was taken too soon each year for a special ride in honor of his friend. The great people Justin has met along the way reinforced his love of the riding lifestyle and always keeps him coming back for more.

Brett and the Production crew participate in various bike rallies and rides each year, including the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, Lake Fest, Arizona Bike Week, the Galveston Rally, along with several charity poker runs. Ferguson Roofing has sponsored and donated to multiple charitable causes organized by the riding community.

For these of the men of Ferguson Roofing, their camaraderie goes beyond the bounds of the projects they complete together and extends into a common recreational appetite – the open road.

Our Team was proud to be featured in the January edition of Full Throttle Magazine!