Benefits of New Window Installation In Your Home

Home improvement isn’t for everyone. Sure, it can be an interesting hobby and projects around the house can be fun. But when you’re dealing with the bigger issues, it’s time to call for help. Ease any anxiety you might have and think long term because when it comes to quality, you’ll get out what you put in. Ready for the task? Keep reading to find multiple benefits of new window installation in your home.

Increased Comfort

When installing new windows in your home, think comfort. Are your windows drafty? That may feel good in the summer, but it will be unwelcome during winter. Installing new windows offers a permanent solution to many common issues. Contemporary windows help eliminate drafts, along with hot and cold spots, insulation concerns, and sun exposure.

Save Energy & Money

High performance windows will help reduce utility costs. According to the United States Department of Energy (DOE), “Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25%–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use.” DOE also emphasizes the importance of window installation through trained professionals to ensure energy efficiency and comfort.

Missouri’s Division of Energy also provides energy efficient options for new windows.

Reduced Maintenance

Window technology has significantly advanced in recent years, leaving many older homes with outdated, low-performing panes. Unfortunately, even many newer homes have cheaper, lower-end window options, which keep construction costs low.

Ferguson Roofing replaces and installs a variety of window types including:

  • Gliders
  • Picture Windows
  • Specialty Windows
  • Bay or Bow Windows
  • Casement or Awning Windows

An Updated Look

New windows freshen up your home’s interior and exterior. See how lighting combined with your home’s accents pair with different types of windows on Pinterest. There are many ideas to choose from, but you’ll want something that is worth sprucing up!

Call Ferguson Roofing today to have the windows throughout your home evaluated at (314) 521-6917. If you’d prefer not to replace all of your windows at once, we can put a program together that allows you to start in the areas of the house that are most important!