I am an avid motorcyclist. I am also a race fan. Add some dirt and this is the recipe for great action through Supercross and the Outdoor National Motocross races. This year has had particularly exciting races. In seasons past, like in many elite level individual sports, there are a few participants that tend to dominate consistently. This year, the depth of the competition has allowed more racers to be in the mix and different faces at the top step of the podium. I love to see the competition. As a competitor, I don’t see competition as an obstacle to be the best, but as the catalyst to be better than you are. For more information about Supercross, click here.

The sixth round (of 17) was last night. The theme of the race was Military Appreciation Day. There were numerous activities tied into this. For one, the race was broadcast on the Armed Forces Network. Click here for more information about this television broadcast network.  The main organization being supported was Operation Homefront. This is a non-profit supporting post 9/11 veterans. For more information about this charitable organization. Less prominently featured were organizations that help homeless veterans with shelter and another to help veterans find jobs. The riders and teams that participated in this event met with veterans, signed autographs and offered auction items to support the causes featured that day. Many of the riders ran camo gear and graphics on their motos.

This event was a great marriage. Motorcycle racers are not a spoiled breed for professional athletes. To compete at this level, the sacrifices are many with long, grueling schedules and the risks are constant and high. Click here to see the current riders injured. For me, it really resonates when they would say how their risks pale in comparison to what our soldiers face each day. The level of respect for the soldiers by the entire motocross industry is truly genuine and sincere.

I suspect the Armed Forces get a recruiting push off such events. I am OK with that. We are a great demographic for them to target.  Motorcyclists are a tight group. We support each other and the nature of that camaraderie is inherently transferable. We take care of our own and support those that do the same. This is one of the many reasons why my business has picked First Responders as are philanthropic purpose. As individuals, employees and people, I encourage you to look into Operation Homefront or many of the other well-known military supported organizations. As business owners, I encourage you to look seriously at applicants with military service on their resume. Yes, translating their skill-sets into the civilian world can be challenging on paper. In the real world, we must remember that the U.S. Armed Forces is the largest business on the planet. Why would a business owner not want someone who can follow orders, lead under pressure, be committed to the team, bleed for the company’s values and talk to people with the most basic of respects (yes sir/mam and no sir/mam)?  Remember, the other parts of the job are typically the stuff easy to teach.

If you are, have been, or are planning on being in the Armed Services, thank you for your service!

Jason Shupp
Ferguson Roofing