Pinterest: An Illustrative Narrative

By now, you’ve probably heard of the social media powerhouse, Pinterest. As one of the fastest growing websites in history, it boasts over 70 million users and drives more consumer activity than Facebook and Twitter. With 85 million unique visits each month, what business wouldn’t want to be part of the fun?

If you are unfamiliar with this ever-expanding collective of ‘pinners’, the website is a virtual bulletin board of photos that represent the interests of the user. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, however, Pinterest is used less to share your own interests, but to follow the interests of others. Users can create different categories for their pins and organize them into different ‘boards’. It is the modern day electronic version of scrap-booking.

Ferguson Roofing has begun using Pinterest, not to post pictures of cool fingernails designs that we love (yet!), but to show a little bit about the Ferguson Roofing culture. It goes without saying that you will be able to find pictures of our projects, services and the products we install, but you will also find an illustrative narrative of our story and history.

Being in business for 75 years lends itself to a unique story and a distinctive view of the Greater St. Louis culture. Viewing our Pinterest page will show a little bit of our personality and some of the characters that keep the third generation business successful. Locations of our monthly ladies nights and some of the things we love about St. Louis are just a few boards you’ll see when you visit our Pinterest board.

Our Pinterest page is just getting started, so make sure you follow our account to see what we do next!