St. Louis Apartment Association and Angel Arms Sponsorship

Ferguson Roofing is a proud member of the St. Louis Apartment Association. The St. Louis Apartment Association (SLAA) is an organization dedicated to “advancing the general welfare of the multi-family housing industry within the Metropolitan St. Louis area.” Not only does the SLAA offer educational programs for industry personnel on topics such as diversity in the workplace, property assessment and fair housing, they also support local charities. The SLAA has supported numerous charities in St. Louis and surrounding areas, raising over $53,000 for local causes since 2003.

For the last several years, they have partnered with the Angel Arms Charity to bring Christmas to foster children throughout the St. Louis area. Angel Arms focuses on keeping siblings together and on providing a safe, caring environment, especially during long term foster care. There are nine Angel Arms homes throughout the St. Louis area that can support between 4-6 children at a time. They run completely on donations from the community and receive no government funding. Angel Arms has fostered over 250 children with a 100% high school graduation rate for those children still living in their homes.

Through Ferguson Roofing’s involvement through the SLAA, we had the opportunity to give “Christmas” to an Angel Arms foster child. Below is a video that highlights some of the best moments from the Angel Arms Christmas party where the children were visited by Santa Claus. The big smiles and joy on their faces remind us why we try to be so active in our community.

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