Vinyl Siding Contractors St Louis

Vinyl Siding

In today’s market, there are not many options to cover your home. Vinyl siding incorporates the best of all worlds. Upon its invention in the 1950s, its popularity has increased significantly becoming the most used type of siding. In the US, contractors are using vinyl siding for 32% of all new home construction. Here are a few of the many reasons you should consider it when shopping for your home in St Louis:

Money – Brick and mortar is expensive and home builders use it less than ever. Wood requires so much maintenance to keep the “look.” Who has that kind of time and money? Vinyl siding is an affordable product. With the housing market today, it is necessary to get the most for your dollar.

Time – Fiber cement products are installation intensive and the product longevity is still being debated. Vinyl siding is easy to install and is virtually maintenance free. You will never need to paint or stain again. It has 10 times the life expectancy of wood siding.

Green Initiative – There are energy saving siding panels that will increase your R-value to make your home more comfortable and lower your utility costs. As an added bonus, it also helps dampen noise pollution from outside sources!

Beauty – There is a wide array of colors and styles to match or contrast any type of home. You can give your home a modern makeover or a historical atmosphere. Vinyl siding provides an attractive solution to shield your home from the elements.

At Ferguson Roofing, Siding and Gutters, we value what you hold valuable. Let us update and protect your home with vinyl siding. Call today to discuss options to improve your home’s exterior!