Soffit and Fascia

Soffit and fascia are the unsung heroes of any home. Without them, your attic and the framework that supports your roof would be exposed to the elements. Since they work together to protect your home, it is easy to get them confused. The fascia is the vertical board that runs along the eave of your home. It is where the gutters are attached. The soffit is the horizontal board that runs from the bottom edge of the fascia and butts up against the house. If installed properly, the soffit permits air to flow into your attic allowing for a more energy efficient house.

In today’s market, many home builders don’t enclose the soffit and fascia, subjecting the wood to all Mother Nature has to offer…and we all know how great wood ends up looking once its been left out in the rain for an extended period of time. They can also leave nails protruding through the soffit board. At Ferguson Roofing, we understand that the soffit and fascia really complete the look of your home. Aside from the cosmetic improvement to your home, once we are finished wrapping soffit and fascia you will NEVER HAVE TO PAINT AGAIN!!! This saves you time and money.

With the wide array of sizes and designs offered, our trained professionals will help you decide what soffit and fascia will look best on your home. At Ferguson Roofing, we make sure anything is possible by offering custom bend work. We will also evaluate your soffit and make sure that you are getting adequate attic ventilation. For more information about attic ventilation, please click here.

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