8 Reasons Why You Should Consider Dec-Tec for Your Deck

Although the pervasive chill in the air makes us feel like fun backyard adventures are light years away, we should always keep the health of our outdoor living spaces in mind. We take the time to protect the floors inside our homes and buildings – why should our decks and balconies be any different? If you want to keep your outdoor spaces in tip-top shape, we have a new application that may interest you: Dec-Tec.

What is Dec-Tec?

As the leading innovator in pedestrian traffic-bearing PVC membranes in North America, Dec-Tec provides waterproofing and roofing solutions for balconies, decks, and roof-deck applicators. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to prolong the life of their decks, protect dry storage space underneath existing structures, or transform their flat roofs into an enjoyable outdoor living space.

Why Dec-Tec?

Now that you know what it is, you might be wondering just why you should care. Well, if you have a deck, balcony, or a flat roof that you’ve been dying to turn into a weather-proofed living space, you’ll want to consider Dec-Tec. Here are our top 8 reasons:

Superior Waterproofing

If you’re tired of spending countless dollars and time refinishing your deck, Dec-Tec might be up your alley. This application is the best choice in waterproofing decks, balconies, and other walk-able surfaces. That ultimately means more money in your pocket and less worrying about your deck!

Mold Resistance

Mold, moss, and algae plague many decks, much to the chagrin of homeowners. With Dec-Tec, you won’t need to worry about mildew, mold, or even cracking surfaces, thanks to its waterproof material. Structural degradation and rot can also be a thing of the past, even in damp and humid areas!

Fire Retardant

Let’s say you want to break out the fire pit and enjoy some s’mores with your friends before winter really arrives. While you should never keep a lit fire pit on wooden surfaces, you can rest easy with Dec-Tec. Why? It self-extinguishes! Whether you’re warming up by a fire pit or grilling up a delicious meal in the summer, Dec-Tec will help keep your outdoor living spaces safe should a fire occur (after you put it out, of course).

Sleek, Customizable Aesthetics

Dec-Tec isn’t just functional – it’s also a sleek and beautiful addition to your deck. You can choose between three different lines of applicator solutions: the Classic Line, the Natural Line, and the CoolStep Line. Dec-Tec also comes in a wide array of colors and styles, making it easier than ever to match your outdoor style.

Incredibly Durable

Dec-Tec is a high traction solution, which means that it can last for decades. It won’t peel, flack, crack, or wear down, no matter how much traction your deck, balcony, or flat-top roof sees. It’s also very easy to install!

Environmentally Friendly

Going hand-in-hand with its durability, Dec-Tec is also good for the environment. Why? Its long lifespan means you won’t need to worry about repeatedly replacing materials or need to use paints, chemicals, stains, or varnishes. That’s a win for both you and the earth!

Low Maintenance

Cleaning is often one of the last chores we want to do, especially outdoors. Fortunately, Dec-Tec is very easy to clean and can be done with common household items! It’s also ideal for pet owners since hair, mud, and accidents can be cleaned within mere minutes instead of tedious hours.

Safety and Comfort

An energy-efficient solution, Dec-Tec reflects light and heat, allowing occupants to walk barefoot without worrying about burns, splinters, or slivers. It’s also made out of a textured, slip resistant material, making traversing through your outdoor living spaces safer than ever before.

Whether you’re refurbishing an older deck or turning a flat roof into an enjoyable balcony, Dec-Tec has you covered. Your friends at Ferguson Roofing are equipped and able to install Dec-Tec, no matter what your needs may be. Call us today at (314) 521-6917 in Missouri or (618) 212-1912 in Illinois to learn more!