Window Installation St Louis

There is no single improvement that will affect your home’s comfort and look as much as new windows.  Window technology has improved significantly since most homes were constructed and unfortunately, new homes being built are often done so with low-end windows. With the variety of replacement windows available, it is easy to become overwhelmed when trying to make a selection. Quality replacement windows will be double paned, made with Low E and Argon gas and should be built with a re-enforced sash (the inside, movable part of window). Low E is a transparent coating of metal oxide that is applied to the glass. It keeps out UV-rays and heat during the summer, but allows the sun’s rays to filter in during the winter helping to keep your home warm. Argon gas replaces the air inside sealed window panes. Since the Argon gas is denser than air it helps increase the window’s insulating power.

The benefits of quality windows are:

Updated look – This can be appreciated from both the inside and outside of the home.

Comfort – Eliminate drafts, hot and cold spots, insulation concerns and sun exposure often times caused by lower quality windows.
Save money – Read the line above.  All of those factors that make your house less comfortable also cost you money!

Reduced maintenance – Contemporary window designs make it easier to access both sides of the glass for ease of cleaning.

Improved ventilation – Often times older windows do not open properly to allow for adequate ventilation on those days when your AC is not necessary. During your fall and spring house cleanings, a nice breath of fresh air is often needed – quality windows allow you to enjoy the outdoors inside!

Call Ferguson Roofing, Siding and Gutters to have your windows evaluated. Remember, you do not have to replace them all at once. We can put a program together that allows you to start in the areas of the house that are most important. We want to be your partner for window installation in St Louis.