6 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring Storms

Spring can be incredibly unpredictable in the Midwest – so much so that a hydrologist with the National Weather Service office in St. Louis recently said that we can’t even rule out March and April for more snow. While that prediction alone is enough to make you shiver, you’ll still want to be prepared for the more typical spring storms. Here are a few tasks that you can perform when the weather warms up:

Clear Out Gutters

Back in December, Ferguson Roofing provided 4 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter. One of these discussed cleaning the gutters to prevent ice dams from occurring. If you weren’t able to clear them out before the ice and snow arrived, you’ll soon have another chance. This is important in the spring as rainwater needs to properly shed away from your foundation and landscaping. While you’re up on the ladder, check on your home’s current form of gutter protection for damages or consider purchasing one.

Locate Roof Leaks

All of that snow on the roof will have to melt eventually, right? If you keep a close eye on it, you can catch an early leak before a thunderstorm even rolls in. Take a trip up to the attic and see if you can find any dark spots underneath the roof. You might also encounter mold or deteriorating insulation, which should lead you to the source of the leak. This might have happened thanks to a loose/broken shingle or even damage to the roof. You’ll want to call a professional like Ferguson Roofing if roof repairs are necessary.

Inspect Faulty Siding

There’s a good chance that when the temperature outside got down to 0 degrees, you started noticing drafts more often throughout your home. Have you thought about inspecting the siding lately? Windows aren’t the only culprit. Improper installation of siding leads to drafts entering the home, but damages or even old age could be responsible as well. If there’s nothing noticeable on the outside, the problem could also be coming from underneath. Consider upgrading your siding before the A/C unit has to work just as hard as the furnace did.

Prime Deck and Balcony Space

While all of the patio furniture is still in storage, now is the best time to get your deck or balcony ready for spring. This includes prolonging their life with an application such as Dec-Tec. Not only does it waterproof these surfaces, but it also makes them slip-resistant – highly important for those with pools nearby. Don’t worry about mold, cracking, or peeling either because the application lasts for decades. 

Check Your Insurance Policy

It can be tough for homeowners to identify what is considered storm damage right after a storm occurs. What doesn’t help is that different insurance companies can have different requirements for what warrants a claim. That’s why it’s important to have a professional look over your home and make sure that you don’t file an unnecessary claim with your insurance company.

Call Ferguson Roofing

Whether you’re waiting on an insurance claim to kick in or just need a few touch-ups, Ferguson Roofing will work to repair anything from damaged roofs to gutters, soffit and fascia, and siding.

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