Whether the result of a storm or general maintenance issues, leaks and damages may suddenly appear in your facility. Regardless of what kind of roof repair your commercial building needs, no job is too big or too small for Ferguson Roofing.

Ferguson Roofing offers:

Free Estimates on all Repairs
Service Warranty on all Repairs

No two facilities are exactly the same. Similarly, no two roof repair projects are the same, but Ferguson Roofing handles every project with the same commitment to responsiveness and customer service. To us, each and every job is equally important.

Examples of common commercial roof repair projects:

  • Seal membrane laps and punctures
  • Seal protrusions and curbs for RTUs
  • Fix wall flashings at termination bars (t-bar)
  • Replace a valley
  • Fix material failures at the eaves by gutters
  • Replace wet sections of insulation/decking
  • Replace wind-damaged shingles
  • Replace plumbing flashings
  • Fix leaking skylights


Your roof is often one of your largest capital investments. That’s why it’s important to protect it and make sure it remains in good condition as long as possible. To help extend the life of your facility’s roof, Ferguson Roofing conducts a multi-point inspection prior to putting together a custom maintenance package for your business. This maintenance package identifies problems that could arise, so we can determine relevant solutions. Even if we didn’t install the original roof, we can still help extend its life by setting up a regular schedule of roof inspections and making any necessary repairs or modifications.

Ferguson Roofing’s maintenance packages provide ROI by helping you save money in the long run. The sooner we can collaborate on roof maintenance, the more preventable measures will be available for your buildling.

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