Maintaining your building starts with ensuring that water is properly shedding away from your foundation and landscaping. If you have concerns about your current system, we offer a free multi-point inspection and assessment. Our complete gutter system replacements come with ten-year manufacturer and workmanship warranties.

When assessing your gutter system, we look into the following issues:


What shape are your gutters in?

Clogged gutters can cause improper drainage that leads to fascia damage, ice dams and leaks at the eaves. Consider using a gutter protection system to minimize or eliminate the need to clean your gutters.


Are the gutters properly secured? 

If not, water could be leaking between your roof and gutters. It is all too common that someone spends a lot of time and money on beautiful landscaping only to have misdirected water ruin everything.


Are the gutters large enough?

Your gutters may not be deep or wide enough to handle the amount of rain your facility receives, causing them to overflow. If this is the case, oversized gutters may be appropriate.


Are the gutters pitched properly?

If not, water may not be making it to the downspouts. If your downspouts cannot carry the water away from the foundation, your building or landscaping could experience serious damage.


Is there an adequate number of downspouts and are they large enough?

If there are not enough downspouts or if those existing aren’t big enough, water can back up in your system and won’t effectively divert away.


Is the shingle overhang the appropriate length?

A proper overhang sheds water away from the perimeter of your building, protecting your fascia boards and redirecting the water into the gutters.


Is A drip edge recommended?

Drip edge is a piece of metal flashing that aids in waterproofing by redirecting the “dripping” water into gutters.

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