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Proper ventilation is a requirement by the shingle manufacturer to support their product warranty.


Ridge Vent – Our most popular option

It is now possible to have a seamless roofline that is unobstructed by ugly roof vents and keeps the house cool. Thanks to ridge vents, you can safely ventilate your attic space at the hottest point: the ridgeline.

By cutting an opening along the peak of the roof, Ferguson Roofing is able to install a ridge vent over the opening and then place cap shingles to conceal. This makes it nearly impossible to spot. Utilizing a ridge vent in your home allows the release of hot air while still keeping moisture from entering the attic space. It can even help you to save on energy costs!

Ferguson Roofing ridge vent cut in
Ferguson Roofing ridge vent during
Ferguson Roofing ridgeline after

There are other ventilation options that may be appropriate for your home or your budget:

Turbine – A non-electric alternative to traditional ventilation, turbine vents harness the power of wind to suck out hot, humid, and stale air from your attic. Installed directly on the top of your roof, these vents are typically low cost, highly efficient, and provide year-long ventilation for areas that experience frequent wind movement.

Power Vent – Power vents draw out hot air from your attic quickly, thanks to a balanced motor and blade design. They are connected to a thermostat, which then turns the fan on automatically whenever cooling is necessary. These vents either are wired to electric or can be solar powered.

Static – These vents have no moving parts, allowing hot, humid air to be drawn out of your attic through the process of convection. Depending on the home’s general performance with air flow, static vents can perform better than ridge vent.

power vent
static vent

While we’re there, we can also check your attic insulation and soffit intake which goes hand-in-hand with your home’s ventilation. Ferguson Roofing is your source for roof vents in St. Louis. We have been providing high-quality workmanship in Missouri for over almost 80 years.

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