One of the largest maintenance requirements of your commercial building is to ensure that water is shedding away from it properly. Depending on your roofing system, there are several products that can help you accomplish this task.

Ferguson Roofing offers a variety of roof drains, scuppers and gutters that help keep water away from the foundation of your building.

Gutters & Scuppers

Commercial Roofing Drainage Scuppers and Gutters

A gutter is a trough attached to the side of a building that diverts water away using downspouts. A scupper is an opening in the side of an exterior wall with an attached outlet that diverts water away using pipes.

When assessing your gutter or scupper system, we address the following issues:


Is there an adequate number of downspouts or scupper outlets?

If there are not enough downspouts or scupper outlets water can back up in your system and won’t effectively divert away. We check for proper water diversion away from the road and walkway, increasing safety and minimizing potential liability.


How is the maintenance of the gutters?

Obstructed gutters and scuppers can cause improper drainage that leads to fascia damage, ice dams and leaks at the eaves. Consider using a gutter protection system to minimize or eliminate the need to clean your system.


Are the gutters or scupper outlets properly secured?

If not, water could be leaking between your roof and drainage system and could compromise both landscaping and your building.


Are the gutter or outlet openings large enough?

If the gutter or outlet openings are not deep or wide enough for the amount of rain you receive, your system could overflow. If this is the case, oversized gutters or pipes may be appropriate.


Are the gutters pitched properly?

If not, water may not be making it to the downspouts. If your downspouts cannot carry the water away from the foundation of your facility, your building or landscaping could experience serious damage.

Inspecting your gutter system also allows us to address the following drainage-related questions:


Is the shingle overhang the appropriate length?

A proper overhang sheds water away from the perimeter of your business, protecting your fascia boards and redirecting the water into the gutters.


Is drip edge recommended?

Drip edge is a piece of metal flashing that aids in waterproofing by redirecting the “dripping” water into gutters.


Commercial Roof Drain for Water Drainage

Depending on your building, it may be impossible, or at least not cost-effective, to shed water away by using conventional methods like gutters or scuppers. A roof drain utilizes your facility’s interior plumbing to draw water off your roof, eliminating the need for an external drainage system.

Call Ferguson Roofing today for a multi-point building inspection. We will analyze your current drainage system to ensure that your roof continues to be your greatest investment and not a liability.

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