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Whether you need a new roof or if your roof is damaged from a major storm or general wear and tear, it can lead to major headaches for a homeowner. To avoid increased bills in the future, our team provides expert roofing services to property owners in the St. Louis areas in IL & MO. You can trust that your home in in good hands with our roofing experts.

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The Ferguson Roofing Promise

Residential Roofing Services in the Greater St Louis Area

When it rains or snows, your home’s roof is the first line of defense. It serves as the top anchor of the building, holding the rest of the seams together. Your roof in the greater St Louis area in Missouri and Illinois is built to withstand the windy storms these states are known for, but it’s not indestructible. Ferguson Roofing provides roofing services that can help you improve the value of your investment and ensure compliance with the city’s building codes — both while you’re living there and when it comes time to sell [1].

Roof Replacement Services

Homeowners whose roofs are nearing the end of their lifespan should consider residential roof replacement. Even if the roof is largely intact, replacing the roof rather than waiting is typically best. A leaky roof can lead to more than water damage; it can threaten the stability of the entire home.

It’s worth noting that the average lifespan for a roof can span over many years, and a well-maintained roof can buck the averages. The best way to determine whether a roof is starting to wear away is to talk to an expert who will give you a full assessment. We have over 80 years of experience in the greater St. Louis area, and our professionals have seen it all. We ensure a thorough evaluation is completed on every roof we see.

Residential Roof Repairs

Patched or replaced soffits, shingles, or gutters are common roofing repairs. Experts recommended prioritizing repairs for roofs, especially those that are otherwise in good shape. Roof repairs are a proactive way for homeowners to avoid more considerable expenses down the line, whether it’s the cost of removing mold due to water damage or pests due to an opening in the roof. We can even help with emergency repairs.

Our team has the expertise to repair residential roofs of every variety, regardless of material or pitch. However, if a roof is severely damaged or constantly needs repair, it may make more financial sense for the homeowner to replace it rather than repair it.

Roof Maintenance and Inspections

Your roof may seem like a relatively static structure, but the reality is that it changes every season. It can be easy to miss signs that tell you whether your roof is splitting, your fascia is rotting, or the sun is absorbing the granules from your asphalt shingles.

The Ferguson Roofing team offers residential roof maintenance and inspection services so you can understand more about how your roof warps over time and when it becomes a cause for concern. For homeowners who want to plan their budgets, regular roof inspections can help everyone avoid unexpected bills for roof replacement.

Common Roof Issues and Potential Problem Areas

The most common roof issues the St Louis area of MO and IL, can include any of the following:

  • Shingles: Shingles can be cracked or broken under the sun’s rays, or high winds can pry off the flashing and the tiles. Unfortunately, you can have a few missing or damaged shingles before noticing it, so it’s essential to have them checked before water or pests arrive.
  • Leaks: Leaks are the single most significant sign that your roof needs repair, but remember that they’re not always dramatic enough to notice. If the water damage occurs in a remote part of your crawl space or attic, you may not see it for a while.
  • Failing components: The flashing, fascia boards, soffit, gutters, and granules on asphalt roofs are just some elements that hold your roof together. If they’re beginning to rot or wear, it can lead to anything from animals in your eaves to the destruction of the roof.
  • Excess weight: Extra layers on a roof don’t always equate to a stronger roof. Sometimes, it can wear the roof down with the extra weight. Anything from too many shingles to overgrown tree branches can stress the roof to the point of damage.
  • Bald spots: The sun’s UV rays can be as damaging as wind and rain. No matter what type of roof you have, bald spots can indicate that the material has weakened. If you have asphalt shingles or tiles, this is a particularly concerning trend as it indicates the material is starting to fall apart.

Types of Roofs We Service and Install

Our experienced roofers can service and install any of the following roofing materials [2]:

  • Wood shingles: Known for their beauty, they can last up to 25 years on a residential roof. New trends in lamination can also make wood more resilient against the sometimes brutal Missouri weather [3].
  • Composite shingles: Composite is made from a mix of anything from slate to tar paper. While a more economical choice, the quality of composite shingles can vary, and the lifespan can go anywhere from 15 years to a half-century. If you’re interested in composite, it’s worth discussing your options with an expert so you know what you’re getting into.
  • Metal: A metal roof is affordable, great at reducing heat flow into homes, and can last for ¾ of a century. [4] However, despite its many benefits, there’s a stigma against putting them on the roof of a residence. Copper may be a better option for homeowners who want to improve their curb appeal, even if it costs more than metal.
  • Slate: Slate is an attractive choice for a home and is generally considered strong enough to hold up against the elements. The main drawback is that it can be challenging to repair and install, adding to the homeowner’s upkeep expense.
  • Asphalt: Asphalt is one of the cheapest materials on the market but also one of the least durable. You’re likely to find better choices for homes in tricky climates.

Benefits of Timely Roofing Services

When a roof can last up to 30-40 years with the proper maintenance, there are endless benefits to choosing the right residential roofing company for services. Not only will you be able to recoup the costs of your investment, but you’ll also be aware of how your roof ‘behaves’ during every season. For instance, if you know that one of your fascia boards or gutters is particularly susceptible to damage during the winter, you can spring for extra protection before the damage can affect the rest of the roof.

Total Protection System for Your Home’s Roof

We understand all that it takes to make your roof last. With the right services, you can get a total protection system for the roof so that you don’t have to wonder what’s happening above you every time storm clouds roll in. From end to end and top to bottom, residential roof repair and maintenance provide the reinforcements that keep your home insulated and your roof intact.

Ensuring Family and Home Safety with Professional Roofing Services

While water won’t hurt you or your family, mold and mildew can. Roof leaks are often the start of these dangerous fungal growths, which can poison the air under the worst circumstances. If the roof is under too much pressure, it can cave in or collapse, creating additional safety hazards for you and your family.

At best, a leaking or damaged roof will lead to further home damage. Water damage will cause structural issues for the home, and rot and decay will quickly spread from the roof to the walls and beyond. Plus, you can open your home to animal and pest infestations, further endangering your property and the people inside it.

Why Choose Us for Residential Roofing Services in Ferguson, MO?

After 80 years in business, our talented team knows the great St. Louis area inside and out. Family owned for three generations, we understand how the climate impacts the homes in different locations, and we make our recommendations based on everything from likely damage to the customer’s budget. Known for our honesty and reliability, our customers count on us to give them the facts without pressuring them for unnecessary services or replacements.

We simplify and streamline the roofing process for customers, removing the safety hazards of inspecting your roof. From the initial inspection to the final visit, we work with each homeowner to find solutions they’re comfortable with. Our services are not only affordable, but they’re also easier to pay for with our flexible financing and payment options.

We help our customers avoid paying high interest rates so they don’t have to put off replacing the most critical component of their home.

Schedule a Consultation for Residential Roofing Services

When roof damage can lead to such dangerous extremes, you can’t afford to take chances. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions if you want to learn more about residential roofing services. If you’re looking for residential roofing companies near you in St Louis and Illinois, contact us today for a free estimate.

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Residential Roofing FAQs

What is the average cost of a new roof?

The average cost of a new roof in Missouri is around $16,000. However, the actual cost will depend greatly on the material you use and the roofer who installs.

What are the cheapest roofing options for a house?

Typically, asphalt or composite are the cheapest roofing options. Remember that these materials can require more repairs over time, making them more expensive long-term versus more durable roofing options.

What type of roof adds value to a home?

Metal or copper roofs can add value to a home because they’re durable and long-lasting. The best material for your home will depend on factors such as environment and budget.

Do metal roofs leak more than shingles?

No, metal roofs tend to leak less than shingles. Metal is one of the most durable options available. It’s one of the most sustainable choices for homeowners as long as it’s installed correctly.

How long does a residential roof last?

Residential roofs can last anywhere from 15 to 75 years. When working with such a wide range, it’s important to talk to an expert for more tailored advice.

What are the types of residential roofing?

Metal, asphalt, wood, slate, and composite are common residential roofing types. The best one for you depends on your budget and how much time, money, and effort you can put into maintenance.

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