Properly shedding water away from a building is one of the most important things that you can do to maintain the integrity of your facility.

If your roofing system doesn’t have the proper pitch, especially if it is a low slope roof, water can pool and stress the materials. During our multi-point building inspection, we analyze the pitch of your roof and how it works in relation to your drainage system.

If we determine there are issues with the pitch while reviewing your roofing system, we can install a tapered system. Tapered systems use layers of insulation to create a more defined incline (pitch) to your roof, directing water towards drains, scuppers or gutters. It allows us to retrofit proper architecture to an already existing structure. Eliminating ponding water allows your roofing system to have a longer service life, removes the threat of bacterial or vegetation growth and significantly decreases the number of building maintenance issues you will face.

If water can’t reach your drainage system, then it will remain on your roof.

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