Unleash the Potential Options of Flat Roofing

Flat roofs, while most thought of on commercial spaces, are actually quite common on residential homes too. However, picking the correct flat roof for your space requires a substantial amount of research so you know you’re getting the best deal for your money. At Ferguson Roofing, we know a new roof is an investment in your property, so we’re here to help you pick the right flat roof for you!

How to Choose the Perfect Flat Roof

When choosing the perfect flat roof there are certain factors you need to account for. Location and weather play a major role in deciding what flat roof you choose. You’ll have to consider things like the roof’s orientation to the sun and which nearby trees will shade the roof. No one roof will be a perfect fit in every location because each roof reacts differently to things like annual snow and rainfall.

Another thing to consider when picking out a flat roof is facility use. Meaning, what are you using your property for? This refers to general questions like “is your building commercial or residential,” to “are you a retail space or a storage facility?” If you need roofing for a retail space or a home, as compared to a storage facility, you’ll have to take in account the comfortability of your employees, guests, and/or family members. If you need a roof designed to protect products, you’ll have to use a roof that is designed to properly regulate heat, fully separate the external elements from the internal, and find something that is stylish enough for a retail business or household.

Roof traffic is another key consideration when it comes to designing a flat roof. Believe it or not, some roofs have very high foot traffic, especially in more commercial settings. These roofs will need additional structural support compared to a single-family household.

The final thing to consider when deciding on a flat roof is energy savings. Everyone, from business owners to homeowners, want to save money on energy costs. If that’s the case for you, a cool roof, or one with a reflective surface, might be the right choice.

Flat-Roofing Options for Commercial Buildings

At Ferguson Roofing, TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) is a popular choice, because its flexible membrane is resistant to impact damage, ozone, and ultraviolet.This single-ply roofing system comes in a variety of widths and thicknesses, has strong seams through heat-welds (seams are three to four times stronger than EPDM adhesive seams), and is 100% recyclable!It also carries reflective solar properties which can lower HVAC costs and offers better control of internal temperatures. This roof can be installed by full adherence or mechanical attachment.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)is a strong and extremely weather resistant, single-ply system that’s easy to install. It’s liked for its resistance to fire, wind, and chemicals. PVC is also a cool roofing system. Meaning, it reflects about 90% of the sun’s rays, which reduces energy costs.

EPDM is great for long term solutions. This synthetic, single-ply system is considered to be one of the most economical choices because its carbon black color converts UV rays into heat, and it’s extremely puncture resistant. This material is a great choice for any location as it can withstand extreme weather, ozone, and temperatures. Unfortunately, it does not do well when exposed to chemicals, solvents, and oils, which may be why you forgo this option when it comes to certain building operations. This material can also be installed by full adherence or mechanical attachment.

Last but not least, modified bitumenis a single-ply, asphalt-based solution, perfect for buildings with low slope or “flat” roof structures (all flat roofs have a slope of at least 15 degrees to allow for water run-off). This material requires rolled roofing application, which allows for fewer seams and a better surface to handle slow water shedding compared to shingles. However, be wary of other types of rolled asphalt roofing. Unlike the material provided by Ferguson Roofing, many are cheaper and not as durable.

Flat-Roofing Options for Residential Buildings and Homes

While housing with flat roofs is less common in North America, there are many legacy homes that were built with flat roofs. New home developments in these urban areas are often built with flat roofs as well.

Ferguson Roofing recommends TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and modified bitumen for your residential needs. TPO is a great economic alternative, because it can be applied on top of an existing roof (dependent that the previous roof meets code). It is also a great environmentally friendly choice for any homeowner! TPO roofing take the best features from its competitors, EPDM and PVC, while offering homeowners a cost-effective and energy-efficient roofing solution.

Modified Bitumen is a great option for homeowners. Its light-colored surface reflects heat and it’s not overly expensive. It’s also one of the most time tested flat roofing systems out there!

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