Tico Time

I write this overlooking the mountains in Costa Rica. This makes the 5th time my wife and I travelled here. Although we like the novelty of new locations, it is hard not to end up in Costa Rica – this place has a magic about it. This is the first time we have been here during their ‘rainy season’. I came to decompress, so maybe that is the reason I was not bothered by the persistent afternoon showers. It did thin out the tourists during our stay and that is always a good thing!

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“Over the Edge” Repel Postponed

Due to the lightning and high winds on Friday, the “Over the Edge” building repel was cancelled until next year. As disappointed as we are not to watch Jason throw himself off a building for charity, we look at this as an opportunity to raise more money and support with our staff and the community for Special Olympics!

Stay Connected with St. Louis Roofing News

Welcome to our new blog, where we’ll post articles, tips, specials, current projects and the latest Ferguson Roofing news. The storm season of 2011 has been historic and heartbreaking, and it may not be over yet. Keep in touch with us by checking this blog periodically, and we’ll keep you updated.

Victim of Our Own Success

We have a large customer base. This statement gives me more pride than anyone can know. It is the result of hard work of three generations that have operated under some consistent premises – do good work, do what you say, foster the relationships, and be fair.

We have always staffed for swells of work. This actually is to maintain the lengthy warranty program that comes standard with our roofs. Over the last decade, staffing has been necessary to handle the volatile storm years over the first half of the last decade.

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A Warm Cookie

I travel a fair amount. As a business owner, it is easy to get institutionalized with your business. It is hard to let it go. For me to relax and recharge, I have to leave STL – force myself to be AWAY from the business. This is the only way to unplug.

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