Vinyl vs. LP Smartside: Which Siding Is Right For Your Home?

Vinyl vs. LP SmartSide home siding

It’s true what they say about St. Louis weather – you never know what to expect. Winter is no different this year with forecasts of sunshine on one day and bitter cold the next. That’s why you need to be prepared at all times when it comes to your home. Specifically, your home’s siding is a crucial element to consider when it comes to insulation and warmth.
What’s the challenge most people face? Deciding which type of siding to use. Ferguson Roofing makes that choice easier. Read on to find out the difference between our two recommendations, Vinyl and LP SmartSide siding.


Vinyl, which was introduced as a plastic substitute for aluminum in the 1950s, has slowly become a top siding option in the United States. LP SmartSide is a product utilizing engineered wood that does not allow the potential for water saturation, fungus or pest damage.
On average, 32% of all new home constructions have vinyl siding. This siding is:

  • Cost effective, where brick is expensive and wood requires more maintenance.
  • Curb appealing with an option of colors and styles to complement your home.

LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide is a time-tested alternative to fiber cement. This siding is:

  • Durable as it is made with long-lasting material
  • Curb appealing with a rich cedar finish and an ability to pair with stone or brick.

Why is siding important for your home? Simply put, it protects you from weather. Proper siding can even lower your utility bill by keeping cold air out and warm air in. Don’t forget about looks, either, as the right siding will make your home even more beautiful.
Can you tell if your home needs new siding? Check for warping, bending or other signs of damage the next time you step outside. Then let Ferguson Roofing help you decide if vinyl or LP SmartSide siding is right for your home. Call today to discuss how you can improve your home’s exterior.

Ferguson Roofing Goes “Full Throttle” on the Open Road

Ferguson Roofing team members Brett, Troy and Justin standing next to their motorcycles, as seen in Full Throttle Magazine

What is life without adventure? We all define it differently. Depending on your personality, it can range from free falling from 13,000 feet to trying a new dish at your favorite restaurant. Adventure for three members of the Ferguson Roofing team is easy to identify: the freedom of the open road behind the handlebars of a Harley. For Brett, Troy and Justin, there is no better way to see the world than going full throttle with the wind.

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Ferguson Roofing Honored as Top Family Owned Business

Long before the days of large corporations and publicly-traded companies, small family-owned establishments built the foundation for business as we know it today. Communities rely heavily on small businesses to build local economies and provide job opportunities. Ferguson Roofing has been a family owned and operated business for 75 years serving the St. Louis region. It has a long, healthy relationship with the city it calls home. The company prides itself on community involvement, treating customers like family and taking care of their staff. These values have not gone unnoticed.

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Ferguson Roofing Celebrates National Men’s Health Month

We all want our friends and loved ones to live long, happy lives. We celebrated the men that mean so much to us by participating in National Men’s Health Month. This event occurs every June to raise awareness of the importance healthy living. The staff of Ferguson Roofing reserved a day to wear blue and distribute care packages to fellow employees. The bundle included items specifically recommended for the male anatomy like bananas and dried blueberries.

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To Clean or Not to Clean…

As homeowners, we know it takes a lot of work to keep our homes looking nice. We spend hours maintaining our homes, both inside and out, to keep up tidiness and functionality. One chore that often falls to the wayside is cleaning out gutters because getting up on a ladder isn’t everyone’s favorite activity. Not to mention it’s not the cleanest job. Neglecting gutters, however, can lead to some very undesirable and costly consequences for our homes.

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New to the Ferguson Family? Me Too!

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Beware of Scammers

A man posing as a roofer made news this past March for scamming people in the St. Louis area. He managed to con thousands of dollars out of unsuspecting homeowners before being caught.  Check out this news video with the details.

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I am an avid motorcyclist. I am also a race fan. Add some dirt and this is the recipe for great action through Supercross and the Outdoor National Motocross races. This year has had particularly exciting races. In seasons past, like in many elite level individual sports, there are a few participants that tend to dominate consistently. This year, the depth of the competition has allowed more racers to be in the mix and different faces at the top step of the podium. I love to see the competition. As a competitor, I don’t see competition as an obstacle to be the best, but as the catalyst to be better than you are. For more information about Supercross, click here.

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Red Cross Blood Drive

The Red Cross states that every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood and that less than 10% of the population actually donates. Blood donations are an integral tool of First Responders. As everyone knows, it is easier to perform your job when you have the proper resources available. Blood donations are essential to letting First Responders do what they do best…save lives. As part of our philanthropic mission to help support First Responders, the Ferguson Roofing staff is pleased to be participating in a blood drive today, January 14th, 2014. The owners of Ferguson have graciously agreed to give any staff member that wishes to donate paid time off to do so.

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